Memoria (Fragment) – 2019

« I saw happiness and pain in your eyes and reflections of the paradises lost and regained and lost again, that terrible loneliness and happiness, yes, and I reflect upon this and I think about you. »
– Jonas Mekas –

Inspired by the work of Jonas Mekas, Memoria is the exploration of a precious memory that will always be engraved in movement and music.

With Célie Chollois Le Toulouse

The Fragrance of Fear – 2019

« A young woman on her own finds herself haunted by her fears and can’t escape the claws of the Shadow that surrounds her. »

This short film explores the depth of fear and its visual representation through the experience of a young woman.

Written and directed by Flavien Brunet
With Nourit Teboul, Oscar Djada and Tristan Jerram
Cinematography : Charlie Verne